Tuesday, 9 March 2010

On the search for a new heroine

Brilliant feature from Lucy Mangan at The Guardian.

"Do you know how I long for a… a female figure somewhere, somehow, who is not a total drip, who may have and who is yet not defined by her emotional weakness and other incompetencies. Like a real woman, perhaps."

Choir, preaching to, etc.

I wrote The Dating Detox because I wanted a warm, smart comfort read about funny, sharp, flawed women, and I was tired of the Bridget/SATC-inspired novels about vacuous binge-eating shoe-gasmic debt-accruing humourless ninnies...

Not, by the way, that The Dating Detox isn't a light read, obviouslah, and hopefully as entertaining as Bridget/SATC (because they are entertaining and sometimes hilarious, and that goes a hell of a long way, even when other aspects of them are killing me). But it takes a lot of whipping to make a good meringue. And I think - I hope - that The Dating Detox is a good meringue.

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