Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On... Kindle sales


A GIRL LIKE YOU and THE DATING DETOX are both insaaaaanely cheap on Kindle (£1!) - but only for the rest of August!

They're currently in the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists (woo) at 14 (doublewoo) and 34 (triplewoo, but a smaller woo, like a woolet) respectively.

And if we can get them into the top 10 it would be really, really amazing and do wondrous things for my future career. Like, stupendously wondrous...

Now, you know I wouldn't normally ask you this, but if you can, please download one or both for your Kindle or Kindle for iPad or from the Apple Shop and I'll be your BFF. For serious. FOR EVER. I will hold your hair back when you are sick and lend you my favourite shoes and talk about your ex/boss/hair for as long as you like. Pinkyswear.

After August the prices will start going back up - so don't miss out...

Thank you and sorry for asking a favour. You know it's not really my style but it's just a teeny weeny one...

Click the links to download...


EDIT: Good God. Have just found out that A GIRL LIKE YOU is no.2 on the UK Apple iStore - second only to ONE DAY by David Nicholls. I am not yanking your chain. Anyone can buy it - all you need is an iTunes account for your iPhone, iPod, whatever... The same deal goes for eternal BFFism if you do.

SECOND EDIT: Wow. It's now Thursday 25th, and A GIRL LIKE YOU is no 13 across the entire Paid Books Kindle UK store, no 12 in Fiction and no 8 in Contemporary Fiction. And THE DATING DETOX is no 31 in entire Paid Books Kindle store, 29 in fiction and 15 in Contemporary Fiction. Thank you everyone who bought one. You rock. x

THIRD EDIT: I promise not to update you every time they jump a notch on Amazon - I mean, seriously, no one cares that much, I know - but this seems blogworthy: A GIRL LIKE YOU and THE DATING DETOX are BOTH in the Apple iTunes Books TOP 10! xx And yeah, that's a double kiss for you. I'm a total slut like that.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday, 11 August 2011

On... male starlets and Sex And The City

Say what you will about Sarah Jessica Parker - and hell knows, after seeing Sex And The City 2, I said a lot to anyone who would listen, usually via shouty rants ending in 'FOR FUCK'S SAKE' and 'NEVER EVER AGAIN' - the woman has seriously good taste in men. Or her casting director does. Whatever. The point is, a lot of the guys she slept with in the TV series are now hugely successful actors.

So, in classically irritating Carrie Bradshaw-style, I'll put it as a question:

Was banging Carrie Bradshaw the secret to success for male starlets of the noughties?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

On... Heaven Scent

I have some good news for you.

Particularly if, like me, you have read Jilly Cooper so many times that you can recall entire passages verbatim.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

On... The Boy'tician

I wrote a feature called 'The Boy-tician' for the illustrious Tatler magazine. And it's out now, in the September issue.

Please check it out and let me know what you think... if you like it. Otherwise just don't say anything and we'll never have to discuss it again, hmm?

I'm currently writing another feature for their November issue.

Am just at that sticky point where I wonder:
1. If it's ever going to come together
2. If the things I think are funny are, in fact, funny, and
3. If I shouldn't just give up this writing thing and learn to knit instead.

And the answer to your next question is yes. Being a writer plagued by self-doubt and melodramatic tendencies is totally exhausting.