Tuesday, 15 January 2013

On... BROOKLYN GIRLS the cover!

Hello kittens

This is the final cover for the first book in the BROOKLYN GIRLS series!

It's the same image that we've been toying with for a while. We loved the energy and composition of the image, but it was a little squeaky clean in its original format. So for the past six weeks, the brilliant cover people at St Martins Press have been playing with different filters and looks to 'rough' it up a little bit. We played with textures, shadows, blocks, frames, fonts, tints... You name it, we tried it. And this is the final choice. 

Isn't it awesome?! I absolutely love it. No lame cartoons and script fonts! No mushy hearts and stars! No fluffy pastels! Just cool girls in a big city with a sunny-yet-slightly-dirty edge. That's the kind of book I would pick up. When I look at it, I'm so happy, I feel like I'm shining a little bit. 

Anyway. What do you think? I hope you like it... 

PS It's out in July! You can pre-order on Amazon or Book Depository for free international delivery!  And to everyone who requested an ARC about a year ago when we hadn't yet decided to delay release (so we could release the SECOND book in the series just a few months later!) - I have your details, my friends. I'll be in touch. x


  1. It looks great, i want those dresses!

  2. It looks fabulous!

    Roll on July! ;-)

  3. Bellissima! And classy too!

  4. It looks bloody amazing and sounds uber chic! I've shared it on my blog. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS BABY! HIGHLIGHT OF MY YEAR!

  5. LOVE IT GEMMA! Can't wait to get my hands on this :)