Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Remember a few weeks ago how I said I was pretty sure the new book would be called The Best Of Anything, but I was probably wrong? Well I was right! I mean, I was wrong. The Best Of Anything was knocked out in the final round.
So we went back to the drawing board. Again. You get to the point with titles where you think 'this book will never have a name, it will be nameless, forever' and that's when the right name pops up. Anyway.

So... are you ready?

The title of my next book, the first in a series being published by St Martins Press, will be...

A Union Street Novel

What do you think? I'd been trying to come up with new titles for about two hours and then I started thinking about something else and boom, up it popped. Good ideas often pop up like that, by the way. Anyway. I really hope you like it.


  1. It sounds awesome. Have you set a release date yet? Please say yes!

  2. The new title is good too! I can't wait for it to be released! Any dates yet?