Monday, 14 February 2011

On... Junk Kouture

On the weekend I caught up with my niece, Lisa, who is 15 and lives in Dublin. She showed me some photos of an awesome outfit she and a friend designed and made themselves. They came runner-ups in a design competition called 'Junk Kouture'.

The outfit is titled 'Party in the USA'.

How cool is it?! I would totally wear the shoes. The dress is made from woven, rolled and taped magazine pages. It's dramatic but totally intricate. The shoes have hundreds of thumb-tacks in them and those huge pompoms are rolled up rubber bands.

If I was the kind of smart person who analyzed art, I'd say this was a bold, witty statement about the impact of celebrity magazines on fashion and pop culture, and the disposable nature of tabloid journalism. Only I'd probably say it better than that. Because I'd be smart.

What do you think?


  1. I'm not sure i would wear the whole outfit but I DO love the shoes; they are awesome! They remind me of the Irregular Choice brand.

  2. Wow these are so cool! Love the idea of using everyday stuff to create something totally unique. Clever girl!

  3. I love the pics!!!

    That's so cool. I was in a gig once when a woman wearing a massive red and yellow hat with HUGE feathers walked me - i loved it ;-)

  4. P - I'm with you on the shoes - My idea of a statement!

  5. love the shoes my students are in the Dublin show on Sunday good luck to all!

  6. can't wait for the show on friday!! her outfit is totes awesome!! :)