Thursday, 23 September 2010

On... my new cover

This is the cover for A GIRL LIKE YOU (coming out December 2010).

I am so happy with it, I want to clap my hands like the ex-Brownie geek I am.

The title really pops and the colours work, but above and beyond all that good stuff, the girl is clearly doing a walk of shame. She's barefoot. She's drinking champagne from a bottle. She has what appear to be knickers popping out of her 2.55.

Plus, I really like her jacket. Pale grey is awesome.

All in all, this is a girl I could hang out with.

What do you think?


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Great colours - not too girly-girly, the title stands out but most of all I love that Abigail is doing the walk of shame with a bottle of bubbly. I like her already and can't wait to meet her properly when the book is out.

  2. It's beautiful!!! Can't wait to order it. Got Dating Detox on my list. Soon as I get me some dollas, Ima be orderin' up some books. ;)

    C xx

  3. Ooooh, it's so pretty!!!! I can't wait to read it. :)

  4. If this were Facebook, I would "Like" it :o) The outfit, accessories, and colors put a classy spin on a moment that is not likely her finest. Looks like a winner to me!

  5. Yeah it's awesome and will def sell!
    I must admit that I do like DD cover better but that's purely cos I look EXACTLY like the girl on the cover (even the red coat) and I'm vain like that.
    Can NOT wait to read AGLY.

  6. I love it! If it's anything like The Dating Detox we're in for a treat! :)

  7. Gemma, will you be filming a trailer for this book as well?