Thursday, 29 July 2010

On... my internet diet

I've been going over my copyedits.

Copyediting is when a person with supposed eagle eyes goes over the manuscript and spots things like, oh, I don't know, someone getting a drink twice in a page, for example (my characters make that mistake a lot, the little boozehounds).

I'm not sure that the copyeditor really gets my writing, though. One character said 'ballache' and the comment said 'is this French?'

Recently I've been thinking about my internet diet and wondering what other people look at regularly. What blogs do you love? What sites can't you live without (or, let's be honest, you could live without but would much rather not)? For me, these sites are all creative diversions. I browse to clear my mind after or, actually, between writing. Kind of like recess at school. - amen - don't knock it till you've tried it - lovely, warm, thoughtful (but not self-indulgent in the least, unlike so many) blog - and she loves Jilly Cooper so is clearly a kindred - consistently awesome fashion styling - yes I live in London not New York but there's something delightfully inclusive and happy about this site, and I love their newsy bites in The Cut, Grub Street and Vulture - london debut chicklit author who blogs brilliantly - funny as hell and - someone in publishing needs to employ these girls; their knowledge of the chicklit market is truly awesome and their reviews are ace (not just saying that cos they were nice about The Dating Detox, I pinkie-swear it) - stimulates the creative juices - smart, in-the-know news-n-diversions - first port of call for any birthday / christening / christmas shopping - for pretend boutique holiday planning - just a brilliant read, and the VF Daily blog featured moi so obviouslah is especially awesome - I love her, so there - like having a clued-up (albeit obsessed-with-the-cool-kids) friend who tells you everything everyone else will be doing this weekend - kind of a daily candy for boys - i never buy any makeup without checking the reviews here first - interesting/odd/important/fascinating letters that always make me sigh and think, in a good way

What about you? What are your favourite sites for playtime?


  1. I adore this guy!!

  2. Oh and also FMylife always makes me laugh and feel better about my life!!

  3. Is ballache French, brilliant! I've just started reading The Dating Detox and loving it so far. I'm currently half way through the second edit on my own (and first - probably last!) chick lit novel so TDD is giving me excellent motivation and inspiration :0)
    As for websites, I love - always inspiring and a great distraction from the day job :0)

  4. and perezhilton give me my celebrity fix- i know it's shallow, but other people's lives are far more trainwrecky than my own and i like that.

    fashiontoast- how is she human? she's like a fashionable angel, although, i imagine, probably a bitch

    thesandisdifferenthere - oh such a strong girl, my lovely friend and her emotional life!, olsensanonymous...

    oh dear, i think maybe i procratinate too much.....

    also i just love googling restaurants and pretending to choose what to eat THERE I SAID IT I USE THE INTERNET TO FEED THE FAT GIRL WITHIN

    sorry...fat girl outburst, down fatty, here have a donut


  5. Cheers for the mention. (Also, Robyn - v. glad that you like the site!)

    Blogs I'd recommend are - (american chick lit reviews with some fab interviews) (A personal blog, always interesting, always well written) (this one actually blogs about houses shown in movies. Perfect for wishing the day away!)

    Also, ('cos it's mine!) :)