Sunday, 17 February 2013

On... Pinterest

I wasn't sure if I liked Pinterest at first. 

It seemed to be a lot of girls screaming 'I LIKE STRIPES'. And I really do like stripes. 

But then I started making boards, and following people like Joanna Goddard and Samantha Hahn and Le Fashion and Anna Hoffman, people with immaculate taste who know what I'll like before I do, and realised that hey, Pinterest is interesting and effortless and fun and stimulating! I LOVE Pinterest! I know, I'm late to the Pinning party. I was late to the Twitter party. I was late to the blogging party. I left the Facebook party years ago. I guess I'm just not great at.... timing. (BOOM!)

Back to the point: the lovely people at St Martins Press suggested I create special boards about my upcoming book series BROOKLYN GIRLS on Pinterest. (First in the series out July 2013! With Quercus in the UK! Random House in Germany! Luitingh-Sijthoff in the Netherlands! Wydawnictwo PASCAL in Poland!) 

But something about making a book- or character-'themed' board doesn't feel right. I might do it for someone else's books, you know, like a board that makes me think of Anne Of Green Gables, or something - but not for my own. 

So here's my little experiment. I selected a couple of quotes from the first book in the upcoming BROOKLYN GIRLS series. I've styled them up in two different themes, just to see which is more popular, and maybe if people like them and think they're funny / interesting they'll repin them, and maybe they'll reach new audiences who might like the cut of my jib and decide to read the books. If they don't repin, hey, c'est la oh well, as they say. What do you think, lovely people? Would you repin?


  1. I repinned as soon as you put them up hahaha! Can you tell i'm looking forward to this series? ;) xx

  2. People on Pinterest LOVE quotes. Hell, I even have a quote board. I titled it "Bon Mots," just for fun. I will certainly repin!

  3. What a great idea! I never thought of that before, but I love the ones you posted!

  4. Nearly bust a gut over your stripes comment above :P
    So true! Even I, despite hating the horizontal stripe craze (I've been secretly awaiting the day when vertical stripes are in vogue), have a ton of their outfits pinned to my style board. Something about sailor shirts are so damn cute! Maybe it brings to mind yummy, young sailors. Mmmmm :)
    BTW, I repinned "Rejection is not a good look for me" to one of my boards.
    Can't wait for the Brooklyn Girls series!

  5. I like that first one particularly!

    I gave Pinterest a try, but found it to be more of a time drain.