Thursday, 27 December 2012

On... Right This Second

What are you doing right this second?

Right this second I am on the sofa, half-watching a Saturday Night Live marathon and half-writing a synopsis for a new project I’ve been thinking about for a while. The baby is asleep and Fox is back in Ireland for a fly-by family visit. He’s back in New York this weekend, and we am planning a couple of dinners out. I want to go here. And here.

I am contemplating eating some toast with Nutella, but it probably won’t happen, partly because I ate my way through Christmas Day like a heartbroken cheerleader and should really step the fuck away from the carbs, and mostly because I am too damn lazy to get up and make it for myself. What else? During the commercial break just now, an ad came on for a tweeny brand of shoes called ‘Daddy’s Money’. I thought was an SNL sketch as it’s so bad. It’s not. It’s a real thing. What the fuck? It reminds me of the time my friend Sarah and I made up pretend perfume names and straplines. Like ‘Patriarchy. Daddy knows best!’  and ‘Solipsism. It’s all about you.’ 

Tomorrow I am having a seriously overdue PG (Personal Grooming) afternoon. I’m going here. You can figure out why. And here to get highlights. I like to pretend that getting my hair done really doesn’t impact my writing schedule, as I always take my laptop with me and taptaptap away. But I don’t think I can writing during a Brazilian. I am only human.

And that’s the end of my blog. I am doing Right This Second blogs regularly from now on, as it’s so more satisfying (I hope) than my usual crappy Think Of A Theme And Take Three Weeks To Write And Edit A Blog About It. And if you like it, please share your Right This Second stories in the comments. 


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Right this second, I'm hopping from foot to foot, having had too much water. TMI, I know.

    I've just done my own Right This Second blog because I'm at work and really have nothing else to do. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Right this second I am half watching Graham Norton and reading your blog. I am also considering a toast with nutella (and I thought i was the only one to do this kind of stuff) but er wait Tom Cruise is saying something ... Ah it wasn't interesting ( you just have to live your life and do your work... Shit poor man he must be depressed)
    So also wanted to comment on in the nightgarden. Ir s like if I gave my girls LSD this is what they d see, ah look more closely something is going on between iggle and daisy. Hope Errol is better. Raphaele

  4. Nutella, of course, is hard to resist...