Monday, 24 December 2012

On... Merry Christmas

Little Errol is sick with a cough for the first time in his 16 months of life, and as a result is very cuddly and quiet. 

This is us on the sofa this afternoon watching In The Night Garden on YouTube. We had planned to take him to Central Park - but really, cuddling was way better. 

(By the way, In The Night Garden is the lamest baby show in the history of lame baby shows.  My kingdom for a baby show that doesn't suck.) 

Now Errol is in bed, and Fox and I are giftwrapping with red wine and It's A Wonderful Life. We lost the wrapping tape somewhere and so now we are wrapping with thick brown duct tape, and we just realised we also forgot gifttags so tomorrow we're going to have to guess what belongs to who. (Whom.) (Who.) (Whatever.) 

Hic. Merry Christmas everyone. x


  1. Aww hope he gets better soon! Merry Christmas!

  2. Discarded socks: check; Fisher Price shape sorter: check; small clammy boy with a cough in need of a cuddle: check. GET WELL SOON E xxxx