Wednesday, 16 November 2011

On... sartorial outrage

I really want these.

Unique Flare Jeans by Goldsign.

But US$278 on a pair of jeans is ricockulous. What are they made from? Unicorn sperm?

I am starting a new 99% movement for the 99% of people who think nearly US$300 for a pair of goddamn jeans is an outrage. Join me! (Fear not, we're not gonna do the whole sleeping-in-tents thing. I've never slept in a tent and I'm not about to start now.)


  1. I'm not sure I would pay money for unicorn sperm jeans at all, haha!

    Actually, i can't remember the last time I even BOUGHT a pair of jeans, expensive or not. :-)

  2. For those of us who buy a pair at no more then forty bucks, that price is a "what the bloody hell" sort of moment.