Wednesday, 2 February 2011

On... NorthWest Magazine

Pretty cringe-making - I am NOT the world's most natural poser, despite being a total poseur in so many other ways - but check out who is 'the thinking girl's chick-lit author'.

Here are a few more photos from the shoot courtesy of Archant and photographer Kristian Hana. Memo to self to not give up the day job till learn to smile without looking like I am also in pain. Also, that cardigan wrap thing that I thought was so cosy-chic is in fact all cosy, no chic. But the jeans are good. They may remain.

I'll scan the whole feature, written by the lovely Tash Paulini, in as soon as I can.


  1. It's a good picture, Gemma, right layout, good composition and lighting...

    Still, I know what you mean by not being a natural poser for pictures.

  2. Agreed.... but I am biased. (Full disclosure: am aforementioned Tash Paulini).